31 October 2016

How to apply the right tone for each online channel

If there is just one piece of advice to give when producing online content, it is "be authentic". The tone of traditional print marketing and advertising in the legal profession could best be summed up as "authoritative", but the Internet is by and large a less buttoned-up medium because it ...   

24 October 2016

What lawyers should blog about to attract the right audience

There are many benefits to your law practice when you launch a legal blog, including increased awareness for your practice and reinforcement of your subject matter expertise within the legal community. For lawyers who long to take a break from the more formal writing they produce on a regular basis, ...   

17 October 2016

Taking the plunge: How to launch a successful law practice blog

The face of law firm marketing has changed in the past several years. No longer do practices sink the majority of their marketing budgets into traditional advertising such as business publications or expensive high-end brochures. Content marketing-- specifically, blogging-- has taken the legal field by storm. Law firms worldwide have ...   

10 October 2016

How lawyers can establish thought leadership online

Thought leadership should be an entry point to a relationship. Thought leadership should intrigue, challenge, and inspire even people already familiar with a company. It should help start a relationship where none exists, and it should enhance existing relationships." - Daniel Rasmus Thought leadership marketing - the art of positioning ...   

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