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“Senior Estate Planning” - Modifying Your Estate Plan Before Seeking Medicaid for LongTerm Care

Robbins DiMonte Ltd

Because most people’s estate plans plan for death. Most attorneys will draft these plans well and accomplish the goals of asset transferring upon...

Illinois Condominium Law Alert: New Implied Cause of Action a Warning to Condominium Owners, Directors, and Property Managers

Robbins DiMonte Ltd

Every condominium owner, director and property manager will be impacted by a recent Appellate Court decision in the case of Channon v. Westward...

Wyoming’s digital assets law and how to use it

Kurtin PLLC

Wyoming, a northwestern U.S. state with a population of approximately 580,000, the smallest among U.S. states, has since 2019 become a cryptocurrency...

Change in Illinois Employment Law: New Restrictions Around Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Covenants

Robbins DiMonte Ltd

Illinois is following the national trend to place limitations on employers’ use of noncompetes and non-solicit covenants. Some states have banned them...

Predictions 2022: What could be in store for US and international business?

Osborne Clarke

Businesses will be readying themselves for growth and transformation in a year in which the world hopes to move on from the pandemic...

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