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24 February 2023 - 13 October 2023, Online

シンガポール生活関連法務/セミナー・ウェビナーシリーズのご案内 online

One Asia Lawyers

Date: February 24, April 14, June 22, August 25 and October 13, 2023

Time: 2-3pm, Singapore time


One Asia Lawyers Group/Focus Law Asia LLC所属の日本人弁護士三好健洋は、日本人弁護士でありながらシンガポールの法廷事件や刑事事件にも自ら対応することができる資格(Advocate & Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore)を有している数少ない弁護士の一人であり、日本人がビジネス・生活を行う上で直面する法律問題に対応する数多くの経験を有しております。


  • 2023年2月24日(金)):シンガポールにおける刑事事件・刑事手続
  • 2023年4月14日(金)):シンガポールにおける家事・離婚事件・相続手続
  • 2023年6月22日(木)):シンガポールにおける不動産賃貸・購入手続・不動産トラブル
  • 2023年8月25日(金)):シンガポールにおける労働事件(解雇・賃金不払等)
  • 2023年10月13日(金)):シンガポールにおける少額訴訟・民事裁判・債権回収

Themes of the seminar:

  • Session 1 (Friday 24 February 2023): Criminal cases and criminal proceedings in Singapore
  • Session 2(Friday 14 April 2023): Family affairs, divorce cases and inheritance proceedings in Singapore
  • Session 3(Thursday 22 June 2023): Property leasing and purchase procedures and property disputes in Singapore
  • Session 4 (Friday, 25 August 2023): Labour cases in Singapore (dismissal, non-payment of wages, etc.)
  • Session 5 (Friday, 13 October 2023): Small claims litigation, civil trials and debt recovery in Singapore

Speaker: 三好 健洋( Takehiro Miyoshi)

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14 June 2023 - 28 February 2024, Offline & Online

USLF Seminar セミナー in person

Uchida & Samejima Law Firm


  • 14 June 2023 to 28 February 2024
  • 2023年6月14日~2024年2月28日 (契約塾、知財塾、技術法務塾の全17回)


  • 15:00-16:45  / 16:00-17:45 - The last session of Contract School (September 25, 2023), the second session of IP School  (October 26, 2023), and the last session of Tech-Legal Practice School (February 28, 2024) will start at 16:00 due to receptions.
  • 15:00~16:45  / 16:00-17:45 契約塾の最終回(2023 年 9 月 25 日) 知財塾の第 2 回(2023 年 10 月 26 日) 技術法務塾の最終回(2024 年 2 月 28 日) は懇親会開催の関係で、開始時間が 16:00 となります。


  • 5,500 JPY for each seminar
  • 5,500円(税込)/回

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14 - 28 September 2023, Remote Video Conference

Accelerated Route to Fellowship (International Arbitration) Assessment Course online

September 14 & 15 and September 28 & 29, 2023
Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

September 14 & 15 and September 28 & 29, 2023 Plus Exam Zoom via Internet Over Four Half-Day Sessions

Presented and Organized by: The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Jointly by North America, New York and Canada Branches Venue: Remote Video Conference.

Course Schedule Thursday, Sept. 14th – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 15th – 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.* Thursday, Sept. 28th – 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 29th – 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Five interactive breakout workshops PLUS three plenary sessions explore the challenges of organizing and managing a complex international arbitration and the drafting of an enforceable reasoned international award.

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26 September 2023, Online

Failure to Prevent Fraud: corporate crime, the new landscape and what you need to know online

Osborne Clarke

The failure to prevent fraud offence has been described as a "game changer" by the Serious Fraud Office and is likely to be the biggest development in the enforcement of corporate crime since the Bribery Act.

Large companies are directly targeted by this offence and will need to undertake risk assessments and have reasonable procedures in place to prevent fraud to avoid the risk of prosecution.

While SME's are not at risk of the offence itself, all businesses, irrespective of size, will need policies and procedures in place to be able to fulfil the compliance obligations that large companies will likely require as a condition of doing business with them.

The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Act offence will coincide with the appointment of a new director of the SFO in 2023, and it is likely that tackling fraud will be the focus of renewed criminal enforcement activity by a range of agencies including HMRC.

The Lexology Masterclass, with leading experts in financial crime from both the legal world and business, will conduct a detailed review of the offence and the proposed changes to the "controlling mind" test, again aimed at making it easier to prosecute companies.

The session will analyse and answer questions on:

  • The offence and the conduct that it criminalises
  • Relevance to foreign businesses.
  • The guidance to be issued by the government
  • What your business needs to do to avoid exposure to the offence
  • What would a change in the controlling mind test mean
  • Potential enforcement initiatives


Jeremy Summers 
Head of Business Crime 
Osborne Clake LLP





Clare Montgomery KC
Matrix Chambers





Paul Simmons 
Group Head of Financial Crime & MLRO
Hargreaves Lansdown





Ian Hyde
Head of Tax Disputes
Osborne Clarke LLP







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26 - 27 September 2023, Frankfurt, Germany

Nivalion Legal Finance Summit in person

Through the Looking Glass – the Rise of ESG Risks
Nivalion AG

Date: 26-27 September 2023

Time: 8:30-19:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time)

Through the Looking Glass – the Rise of ESG Risks

Join executives from multinationals, top firms and members of the legal profession to discuss the dynamics of legal finance and litigation funding.

ESG issues have risen to high prominence for corporates, law firms, insurers and investors alike. They may have a direct impact on a company’s financial performance and reputation and have already triggered previously unseen disputes.

This year’s Summit will explore how corporates can tackle the risks that follow from the increasing importance of ESG issues. Leading experts will discuss the risks following from climate litigation and collective redress claims as well as potential responses thereto.

The Summit will also showcase the potential of new technologies and discuss how insurance and legal finance solutions can be used to mitigate and transfer these risks.


Thomas Kohlmeier, Co-CEO/Partner, Nivalion AG; Dr Julia Grothaus, Partner, Linklaters; Anja Ipp, Co-Founder, Climate Change Counsel; and more!

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26 September 2023, Online

Green Path(s) Forward: Mitigating Financial Sector Climate & Sustainability Risks To Grow Opportunities online

Snell & Wilmer LLP

Join us to explore the varied impacts of ESG on banking and financial institutions. Learn how operations, services, and products can reflect both ESG opportunities and risk, and how ESG initiatives can help banks achieve financial success while also supporting important social and environmental initiatives. We will cover the potential penalties that may come with government ESG-related investigations and other ESG litigation risk as well as strategies for mitigating such risks. We will also provide an update on current ESG regulatory and litigation developments impacting financial sector institutions.

In the presentation, we will explore the following topics and address current litigation and enforcement trends as well as discuss emerging best practice approaches:

  • Tilling the Ground: Friction in the Global Geo-Political & US State Regulatory Environment – Climate Risk Disclosure Rules (SEC, EU, TCFD)
  • Planting Seeds: How Financial Institution Programs, Initiatives and Operations May Be Targeted – Marketing & Sustainability Reporting & Greenwashing Risks
  • Weeding & Pruning: Avoiding Entanglement in Customer & Vendor Disputes – Supply Chain Risks & Investments Prospectus Scrutiny
  • Gathering the Harvest: Reaping the Rewards of Strategic Focus and Execution – Avoiding Whistleblower Risk & Operationalizing ESG Strategy


Douglas A. Thompson
Snell & Wilmer



Douglas A. Thompson is a commercial litigation partner in Snell & Wilmer’s Los Angeles office. He defends class action litigation matters and represents financial institutions and businesses in related regulatory investigations. Throughout his career, he has represented clients in more than 250 putative class actions and has been admitted pro hac vice in numerous federal district courts. He assists clients in mitigating emerging regulatory and litigation risk and collaborates with clients to champion inclusion, innovation, and thought leadership initiatives.


Eileen Uy
Snell & Wilmer




Eileen Uy is a corporate and securities attorney in Snell & Wilmer’s Los Angeles office. She focuses her practice on ’34 Act compliance, corporate governance, corporate finance, and other general securities and corporate matters. Having previously served as in-house legal counsel at a variety of companies, Eileen understands intricate internal organizational relationships such as those between in-house legal teams and board of directors, business partners and senior management. She has experience advising clients with the formation of corporate and other business entities, as well as advising on various agreements such as joint venture, operating, executive employment, and purchase agreements.


Marian Zapata-Rossa
Snell & Wilmer




Marian Zapata-Rossa is a labor and employment partner in Snell & Wilmer’s Phoenix office. She defends employers against discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims, and represents employers in disputes involving employment agreements, restrictive covenants, and non-compete agreements. Marian litigates both single plaintiff and class action employment lawsuits, including wage and hour, and prevailing wage claims, and helps employers resolve administrative matters before numerous state and federal government agencies. Marian also advises employers on all aspects of the employer-employee relationship with a focus on providing clients with business-oriented solutions to identify and mitigate risk and support diversity and inclusion.


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26 September 2023, Online

Matters to consider when choosing and filing a local script mark in Japan online

Shiga International Patent Office

Date: September 26, 2023

Time: 18:00-18:30 (JST)

Cost: Free

Speaker: Koga Abe, Patent and Trademark Attorney

Choosing a suitable local script mark or considering whether to file any local script marks in the first place is no easy task for IP owners.  Japanese language has three sets of characters; Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.  This webinar will discuss trademark-related peculiarities of Japan resulting from features of Japanese language.  IP owners should be aware of these features as this will help them to adequately protect their brands in Japan.  Join us as we discuss:

  • A quick overview of basic facts about Japanese language which uses hiragana, katakana, kanji (Chinese characters) and romaji (Latin script).
  • Benefits of filing a katakana mark, and the similarity between katakana marks and Latin script marks in general.
  • Criteria regarding the identity of marks (i.e. katakana mark vs Latin script mark) in the context of non-use cancellation trials in general.
  • Issues related to abbreviated and contracted words.
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26 September 2023, Online

Enablement in a Post-Amgen World – From Antibodies to Artificial Intelligence online


In this webinar, we discuss how to avoid enablement issues in the U.S. in mechanical, chemical, and software technologies (such as AI) in view of the recent Supreme Court decision Amgen v. Sanofi.

In our common law system, there is no set of strict written rules governing what is required for enablement, as it is driven by the policy behind enablement and prior case law. The webinar will explore the relevant case law and the policy behind enablement.

Patent practitioners need to understand how to address the issue of enablement.  The webinar will discuss how responses to an enablement challenge may include claim construction, expert testimony, and use of prior art amongst others.

We will further examine how to avoid enablement issues including how to identify such issues during the drafting process and during prosecution.  We will especially take a look at how the functional nature of software-related patents make them vulnerable to scrutiny after Amgen. 




Richard D. Kelly

Senior Partner

Richard (Dick) D. Kelly is Co-Chair of the Life Sciences practice group and a member of the Chemical, Litigation and ITC Litigation practice groups. He represents both domestic and foreign companies in a full range of complex patent and trade secret disputes before the federal district courts, in sec. 337 proceedings before the International Trade Commission (ITC), and in appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Mr. Kelly has particular expertise in the impact of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations on intellectual property rights. He frequently lectures about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical industry including such issues as inventorship, use in drug discovery, and patient and dose selection.


Sameer Gokhale


Sameer Gokhale is a partner in the firm's Electrical Patent Prosecution group. He prosecutes patents for a diverse clientele from all over the world in electrical and mechanical fields, including printing and copying technology, semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing, display systems, digital rights management, audio and video encoding, network security, and personal electronic devices. Additionally, as a wireless industry patent attorney, he has prosecuted patents for wireless communications technologies.

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26 September 2023, Online

Construction Contracts – Spreading the Risk and Avoiding Killer Contract Clauses online

Phelps Dunbar LLP

WHERE: Online
WHEN: Sep 26, 2023 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CT

Daniel Lund and Joseph Caldarera will discuss how to successfully negotiate a construction contract while avoiding typical issues in a poorly drafted contract.

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26 September 2023, Online

The EU/US Data Protection Framework- What HR needs to know online

Ius Laboris

WHERE: Online

WHEN: 26th September 2023, 4PM - 5PM CEST.

On 10 July, three years since a ruling which upturned ‘business as usual’, the European Commission has finally released its ‘Adequacy Decision’ for the EU/US Data Protection Framework. Transfers between the EU/UK and US are key for business functions including HR, and in this webinar, our hosts will update you on what’s just happened and how it impacts HR professionals.

Our hosts are: Alexander Milner-Smith (UK), Benjamin Favaro (UK) and Jessica Jacobi (Germany).

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