03 September 2020

Why Instruct Counsel can be the answer to your legal issue

To those who have a legal background, it’s no surprise that for some organisations around the world, legal challenges may arise which their in-house legal team won’t have the necessary expertise to deal with.   

20 July 2020

Lexology Legal Influencers Q2 2020

With countries around the world now leaving lockdown, at different speeds, throughout Q2 we have seen incoming content covering a variety of topics on key COVID-19 issues such as, how to return to offices safely and the data protection implications of contact tracing. During Q2 2020, we have seen various ...   

25 June 2020

Have you heard about our new, unified, enriched media section, Lexology Learn?

We’ve recently combined our previous standalone webinar page with Lexology Learn so that you now have access to live and on-demand webinars, videos and audio recordings all in one place.   

18 June 2020

What did you miss? Five things that happened while all eyes were on COVID-19

Over the past few months it’s been hard to think about much other than the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, and Lexology has been no exception to this – to date, we’ve published more than 75,000 pieces of content bearing the ‘coronavirus’ tag and that number continues to rise.   

09 June 2020

Lexology PRO - May round-up

Over the course of May there have been plenty of additions covering research, in-depth and curated content, which have proven popular with our Lexology PRO subscribers. From popular topics through to platform improvements, you can now view this May’s round-up of Pro news.   

26 May 2020

What the Insurance sector is reading on Lexology (COVID-19)

We take a look at what the Insurance sector is reading on Lexology in light of the Coronavirus outbreak and highlight some key areas of concern. It is crucial for policy holders and insurers to examine the precise wording of all policies in light of the pandemic.