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18 June 2020

What did you miss? Five things that happened while all eyes were on COVID-19

Over the past few months it’s been hard to think about much other than the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, and Lexology has been no exception to this – to date, we’ve published more than 75,000 pieces of content bearing the ‘coronavirus’ tag and that number continues to rise.   

16 April 2019

The doctor will FaceTime you now: developments in telemedicine and digital health

Technology now plays a part in practically every area of our daily lives, from smartphones and contactless payments to digital media and smart refrigerators. So it was only a matter of time before the realms of technology and healthcare collided.   

13 September 2018

Divorce, death and taxes: private client issues come to the fore

Over the summer private client issues have hit the headlines, from an unhappy wife being denied a divorce to the revelation that queen of soul Aretha Franklin died intestate.   

13 July 2018

When big brands go to war: chocolate, heels and Play-Doh hit the headlines

Brand names like Coca-Cola, Adidas and Christian Louboutin are recognised around the world, but in recent months they’ve appeared in the courts as much as on advertising billboards and in glossy magazines.   

11 July 2018

Lexology tackles the 2018 FIFA World Cup

With the countdown now on to the England football team’s World Cup 2018 semi-final against Croatia, our Lexology contributors have spent the past few weeks considering the various legal issues raised by football fever.   

18 May 2018

A royal headache? Harry and Meghan’s big day highlights myriad legal issues

Here at Lexology we often encourage firms to write articles based on topical events – so we’re pleased to see they’ve been following our advice when it comes to the House of Windsor. The wedding of Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan Markle, which takes place tomorrow, has inspired a range of articles covering the various legal, business and social implications of the nuptials.   

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