Duties and rights of employer


  • Respect and treat the employee with courtesy;
  • Pay the employee a fair remuneration according to the work rendered by him;
  • Provide the employee with good working conditions;
  • Implement measures to increase the productivity capacity;
  • Indemnify the employee of the damages and losses arising from work accidents and/or professional diseases;
  • Maintain an updated data registry of each employee;
  • Allow the employee to exercise its rights;
  • Not to unjustifiably deny the employee to provide its services;
  • Not to assign the employee to other employee, without its consent;
  • Not to unjustifiably lower the professional category of the employee;
  • Not to lower the base salary of the employee, except where allowed by law;

Rights of the employer:

  • To determine the way of execution of labor, by enacting company regulations of internal organization and discipline.

Termination of employment

  1. Employers are free to terminate their work relationship with the employees without cause;
  2. When termination without cause, the employer must compensate the employee and provide a prior notice;
  3. When termination with just cause – which is an act or behavior from the employee so serious that jeopardizes the survival of the work relationship - a written notice of dismissal must be served (30 days) and it must summarily describe the facts that lead to termination;
  4. If the employee terminates the labor relationship and does not provide a prior notice, the employer is entitled to receive a compensation corresponding to the employee’s basic remuneration in respect of the number of days lacking the prior notice.