In line with Mainland China efforts, Macau’s SAR Chief Executive issued Dispatch no. 227/2017, setting the amount that needs to be declared when crossing the border. That amount is MOP120,000 (USD$14,619) and above and will be force on November 1st, 2017.

This covers also any “bearer instruments" such as traveller's checks and negotiable instruments that enable the transfer of the right of payment by simple delivery, and incomplete instruments, including cheques, promissory notes and payment orders, signed but with the omission of the name of the beneficiary.

Any individual who, enters or exists Macau with cash and/or bearer instruments with an aggregate value equal or exceeding that amount must declare it to Macau Customs. 

Failure or incompletion represents an administrative infringement punishable with a fine corresponding to 1% to 5% of the amount that exceeds the reference amount, but never less than MOP1,000 patacas or more than MOP500,000 patacas.