During January 2021, Brazil experienced what could be its biggest data leak to date, involving the personal data of more than 220 million people, 40 million companies, and 104 vehicles (note here that the number of leaked data is greater than the number of inhabitants in Brazil). The breach is said to have leaked personal ID numbers (CPF), dates of birth, and full names of nearly all of the Brazilian population. Data of this type is commonly utilized in elaborate scams known as “Phishing”, where cyber criminals use reverse-engineering tactics to obtain confidential information from their victims.

With regards to vehicle data, such as chassis and license plate numbers, it is worth noting that these are also considered personal data. Company registration numbers and corporate names, on the other hand, would not normally qualify under this definition.

Security experts point out that the type of information mentioned above is increasingly valuable for commercialization on the so-called Dark Web. At this point it is still unclear who is responsible for the leak.