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Health insurance

Provision of insurance

What is the health insurance provision framework in your jurisdiction? For example, is it provided by the government, through private insurers or through self-funded arrangements provided by employers?

Healthcare insurance is mandatory in Switzerland and it is every resident’s duty to contract with an approved private company. There are exemptions for diplomatic workers.

According to the Federal Act on Health Insurance, the Swiss cantons must provide a list of approved private insurance companies (eg, there are 37 approved companies in the canton of Geneva in 2017) which will provide basic healthcare insurance to anyone residing in the canton. Basic healthcare covers the costs of any medical treatment which is prescribed by a doctor and listed by the Federal Act on Health Insurance.

The insured must pay a monthly fee (eg, the average fee in Geneva in 2017 is Sfr553.53 per month) and an annually deductible fee which ranges between Sfr300 and Sfr2,500. Once the deductible fee has been paid, the insured must pay 10% of the medical costs up to Sfr700.

In addition to basic healthcare, the insured may affiliate with an additional health insurance plan, which will cover extra benefits (eg, a private room in case of hospitalisation).

Coverage levels

Do any special laws mandate minimum coverage levels that must be provided by employers?

No, Swiss health insurance is not provided by employers. It is every Swiss resident’s responsibility to affiliate with a health insurance plan. Some companies may partially or entirely subsidise the healthcare of their employees by providing a discretionary allowance.

Any person who affiliates with a basic health insurance plan provided by the Federal Act on Health Insurance is covered for the same benefits.

Can employers provide different levels of health benefit coverage to different employees within the organisation?

Health insurance is mandatory for every employee and is provided by private companies. Basic health insurance coverage is the same for every employee.

Post-termination coverage

Are employers obliged to continue providing health insurance coverage after an employee’s termination of employment?

Health insurance is not provided by employers in Switzerland and does not depend on the employment relationship between employee and employer. Thus, termination of employment does not affect an employee’s health insurance.

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