On March 13, 2018, the Argentine Superindentent of Insurance issued Resolution No. 219/2018, which, for the first time, introduced the possibility of using electronic means to enable local insurers to comply with the obligation to deliver or make the policy, endorsements and other documentation available to the policyholder, within FIFTEEN (15) working days from the signing of the contract.

Previously, insurers had to comply with this obligation by providing the policyholder with paper copies of the policy and other documentation as well as using a reliable method to prove delivery, which was inconvenient and generated various costs.

Resolution No. 219/2018 establishes that the delivery, in addition to the traditional method, may be carried out electronically according to the following instruction: "The documentation must be sent through an electronic means that allows its reading, which must include a download link".

The new regulation establishes that electronic delivery can be made by email to the insured and/or the policyholder, which must be disclosed at the time of requesting the cover, whether that be in person or electronically. Alternatively, it may be provided on the insurers' website, for which the address must be included on the insurance proposal forms or on the website through which the insured and/or policyholder has requested the policy.

This article is written by Diego Lopez Saavedra at López Saavedra & Villarroel in partnership with DAC Beachcroft LLP.