Following international standards and laws for the protection of children and adolescents within the scope of the games industry, Brazil is also making specific provision for indicative classification in line with the IARC – International Age Rating Coalition.

In Brazil, such age classification is conducted by the Ministry of Justice, which will perform an analysis on each part of the content to determine its age classification, indicating an age that can be applied to all the parts of the game in which this classification is found.

In terms of the procedure for games that are physically distributed in Brazil, it is enough to make an application to the Ministry of Justice, which can be processed, online, for free, within a period of 30 days.

For games distributed exclusively online, it is also possible to carry out a process of self-classification, in addition to the above-mentioned procedure. This process is carried out based on Brazilian legislation and through the IARC system.

Finally, it is important to remember that the age rating must be disclosed on the packaging of the game and on any website, platform or location where the acquisition of the media containing the game is available to Brazilians.

It must also be made available on the website for the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.