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At Griffith Hack, we know IP. And we think we can deliver more than other firms who work in this area. This is why.
For decades, Griffith Hack was like other firms. We were experts in our field of technology and in prosecuting, enforcing and opposing patents and trade marks.
As the largest filer of domestic patents, we are the firm of choice for Australian business. But as the world keeps changing, we know we must as well.
Not only content with technical excellence, we pursue client-centred service. Responsiveness, accountability and being easy to work with are hallmarks of our approach. More than just a safe pair of hands; we are our clients’ trusted advisors.
This self-belief is supported by industry recognition, having won the prestigious Australasian Law Awards “IP Specialist Firm of the Year” numerous times and maintaining high rankings in all credible IP and legal services directories.
Other firms are consumed by patents, trademarks and designs. At Griffith Hack, we see risks, opportunities and possibilities. Because the journey is really about the end destination, not what you need to help you get there.
We partner with clients to build, protect and grow their businesses through IP.
And rather than only protecting what you already have, we utilise your IP to create new potential, using the lens of IP to give fresh perspective on your markets, your business, your innovation and your brands.
It’s important to protect your IP, but with smarter IP development, performance tracking and management, we can help you make the most of it too.


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