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At Griffith Hack, we know IP. And we think we can deliver more than other firms who work in this area. This is why.

For decades, we were like other firms.  We were experts in our field of technology and in prosecuting, enforcing and opposing patents and trade marks. But we felt our clients needed more.

They needed legal expertise to stand behind their IP, help when the going got tough – or to prevent it getting tough. 

They needed robust analysis of the existing IP landscape to inform not only their strategic IP decisions but innovation investment decisions, and help to get the maximum R&D funding available. 

And they needed a financial perspective to help integrate their IP strategy with their business strategy, to make value based decisions now and into the future.  

And if they were able to get all that help, which wasn’t always possible, they needed it to work together.

That’s what we’ve built in Griffith Hack. We collaborate with Glasshouse Advisory, also part of Xenith IP, to bring all those skills together so we can maximise your IP from every angle. Every expert angle. Together those perspectives deliver greater insight, creative problem solving, stronger strategy, effective life cycle processes and better outcomes.

So instead of just protecting what you’ve got, we can help you use your IP to open up new opportunities, to use the lens of IP to give you a fresh perspective on your markets, your business, your innovation and your brands.

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