Changing jobs can be incredibly stressful. Everything you are accustomed to and familiar with changes - from your daily routine and working environment to your colleagues and responsibilities - it’s all brand new once you make the decision to start a new role. According to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, going through a major change in responsibilities at work is one of the most stressful life events, even higher on the list than in-law troubles, major changes in living conditions, and a child leaving home. 

On top of that, taking on a role as General Counsel presents its own set of unique challenges, whether you’ve been promoted to the role, are joining a new company, or are making the leap from law firm to in-house counsel. No matter how you got there, stepping into your new role will likely involve a natural learning curve as you work through speed bumps including:

  • Navigating a new corporate structure
  • Learning the key players and how they impact your job and vice versa
  • Learning how various departments rely on support from you as GC
  • Starting to learn the ins and outs of a new industry and/or market
  • Understanding the scope of your responsibilities and how you help shape business strategy
  • Evaluating your new support team
  • Identifying the resources you’ll need to be successful
  • Determining where all of your contracts and agreements are located throughout the company and how to access them
  • And much more

Having a plan of action during the early stages of the transition will set you up for success long into the future. 

Download this Guide to learn more about:

  • What to expect as a new corporate counsel
  • Tips for making the most of the first few months in your new role
  • Tools and resources to simplify your daily routine
  • Plus an actionable checklist to help you get started

To read more on what to look for as a new GC, download Surviving and Conquering Your New Role as Corporate Counsel: Tips for a Successful Career Transition.