In a position paper for the Dutch House of Commons dated 31 January 2018, the ACM presents its views regarding market dominance of ‘big tech’ firms. The ACM states that the mere fact that a company is ‘big’, as such does not imply that it has market power. The ACM recognises the relevance and the great influence of the digital economy on its mission as a market regulator. The ACM finds it understandable that questions about the behaviour of big tech companies are also directed to competition authorities such as the ACM. In order to establish whether a big tech company has a dominant position or whether a takeover would result in a significant lessening of competition, it must first be determined on which market(s) the big tech companies compete and with whom. The strategy of the ACM in digital markets is based on three pillars.

  • The ACM will invest substantially in knowledge about the functioning of tech markets. One of its key focus points is to determine the genuine competition problems in these markets.
  • The ACM strongly focuses on actively monitoring developments and identifying possible competition problems at an early stage and act quickly if these occur.
  • The ACM will also actively seek cooperation with other competition authorities in Europe and with other supervisors.