A new numbering system for Patent Applications and the Request For Examination has been launched vide order number 74 of 2015 notified on December 31, 2015 by The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks and has been implemented with effect from January 01, 2016.

The new numbering system for Patent Applications in India has 12 characters with a fixed length numeric standard Patent Application Format, applicable to all the Patent Offices in India.

The new format is: YYYYJTNNNNNN


·   YYYY denotes “Year of filing

·   denotes “Jurisdiction”, expressed in numerals:

 1 - Delhi,

 2 - Mumbai

 3 - Kolkata

 4 - Chennai


·   denotes “Type of Application”, expressed in numerals:

1 - Ordinary

2 - Ordinary-Divisional

3 - Ordinary-Patent of Addition

4 - Convention

5 - Convention-Divisional

6 - Convention-Patent of Addition

7 - PCT NP

8 - PCT NP-Divisional  

 9 - PCT NP- Patent of Addition


·      NNNNNNdenotes “Serial number of the Patent”, which is unique and sequentially incremented for all the four patent offices in the order of their filing.


Further, the Date of application accompanying the Patent Application Number is in the format of YYYY/MM/DD


·         YYYY denotes “year of filing”

·         MM denotes “month”

·         DD denotes “day of filing”

Further, the application numbers and request for examination numbers that have already been allotted will continue to remain the same until they are converted into the new numbering pattern.