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Louis Tompros appeared on CBC Radio’s “The Current” and CTV News to discuss the role courts can play in fighting disinformation. Both interviews centered on recent jury verdicts against Alex Jones, awarding damages to the families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, which Jones had called a hoax.

In the interviews, Tompros shared that these verdicts are part of a broader trend of counter-disinformation litigation, which is "using the legal system to fight lies." Tompros noted "you have to tell the truth in court, and you have to be accountable for lies that you tell if they cause harm outside of court."

Tompros previously represented artist Matt Furie in enforcing his intellectual property rights to end the misappropriation of Pepe the Frog by the “alt-right.” Tompros and the WilmerHale team prevailed on Furie’s behalf at summary judgment, resulting in a settlement against Alex Jones’s Infowars, ending the copyright infringement lawsuit over Infowars’s unauthorized sale of merchandise featuring Pepe.