The Eventual Stay Visa for USA citizens, created by Executive Decree 181 of May 28th 2019, signed by President Varela thirty days before he is due to leave office, is a non-residency visa, with the purpose to study, invest, eventual work, technician or labor transfer, for the term of 1 year, with up to 5 annual renewals.

General requirements

The applicant must file it in person at the National Migration Service’s office in Panama, to be granted a 1 year Visa, and the basic documents to be provided are:

  • Original passport with validity of at least 6 months
  • Copy of identity card from the country of nationality
  • Certified check to the National Treasury of Panama, for $100 USD per applicant.
  • Five photos passport size
  • Certificate of good health issued in Panama
  • Proof of domicile (hotel or rental agreement)
  • Proof of the investment, academic or labor reason of the stay
  • Sign the sworn declaration and power of attorney prepared by a local attorney
  • Nationwide background check
  • Birth certificate (for children only)
  • Marriage certificate (for couples only)
  • All mentioned documents must be recently issued (no more than 6 months) and the last three itemized  documents must be properly Apostilled.

Eligibility Requirements

For this residency, are eligible citizens of United States only, as long as they can provide:

  • Proof of investment made in the country;
  • Proof of enrollment to an educational institution in the country;
  • Proof of labor relationship in the country;


The process grants a 1 year Visa, subject to 5 annual renewals upon request.

Driver’s license

With the visa, the foreigner is eligible to obtain a local driver’s license valid for the same timeframe as the visa.

Work permit

N/A or to be regulated.


Not applicable, as it is a non-residency status visa.


Once approved, the applicant is subject to income taxes on locally sourced proceeds.


Not applicable, as it is a non-residency status visa.