On 9th August 2019, S&O held the training on anti-counterfeiting measures in association with the Laos Customs Department with attendance of thirty officials from various department throughout Vientiane Capital, including the Customs Department, Wattay International Airport Customs, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the Department of Science and Technology Vientiane and the Customs at Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge Border.

The main topic of the training was to present the most effective identification methods between the genuine and counterfeits as well as to share the practice of enforcement in Laos and the situation of the counterfeits flown in this country. S&O had introduced various brands and products including fashion, perfumes, cosmetics as well as thoroughly presented the guidance on distinguishing counterfeit and genuine products in the most efficient manner, especially the key points allowing identification of counterfeits at a glance.

S&O took advantage of this event to discuss further on the practice of enforcement in Laos to understand Customs’ practice of enforcement also the difficulties they have met such as the struggle to inspect counterfeit goods in domestic market. The officials expressed their interest in the training which is helpful for them in controlling and monitoring the markets and expected to have further sessions in the upcoming time in order to strengthen their knowledge and experiences.

Finally, the officials encouraged the IP rights’ holders to proactively proceed with Customs Recordal as it is currently available in Laos. Such procedure would help the Customs to be aware of the brands and products in this country.