There is an idiom in the Russian language: «Тамбовский волк тебе товарищ» which can be understood as «Don’t comrade me». Curiously enough, this idiom mentions a certain « Tambov wolf» (Tambov is a Russian city, the capital of Tambov region). The expression initially had cinematograph origins, is widely used in spoken language nowadays and even has been commercialized by many local entrepreneurs in Tambov Region. Indeed, the fighting for the right to use one of the most famous symbols of the region was flared up in 2016. Crafts and gifts producers that used a Tambov wolf mark on their goods had no right to sell it, because the brand had been assigned by Rospatent only to one person. In search of justice people applied to the court. But let’s start with the beginning. In 2015 a Tambov individual entrepreneur being aware of the wide popularity of the phrase “Tambov wolf” that is widely used by other souvenirs market participants in their business activities, acquired the exclusive right to use the phrase as a trademark. Then he sent claims to 15 sellers and souvenir gifts manufacturers demanding to terminate the sale of goods labelled with “Tambov wolf”. The offended manufacturers and sellers applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service which recognized that the actions of the businessman constituted an act of unfair competition, since them (actions) were aimed at obtaining advantages in entrepreneurial activity and caused or might have caused damage to competitors. All three the Arbitration Court, the Arbitration Court of Appeal and the Intellectual Property Court shared the same opinion and pointed out that the businessman didn’t bring any intellectual contribution to the registered trademarks and used his civil rights in order to limit competition and gain advantages from it. As a result, in January 2017 the trademarks in question were invalidated by the ROSPATENT for the goods of classes 21, 25, 34 and partly of classes 16 and 20 of the Nice Classification.