Nevada has removed the 7-year restriction on background screening company’s ability to report criminal conviction information for employment screening purposes.  Which means that convictions can be reported without regard to a seven year look-back period.  Such a restriction on the reporting of convictions is a state restriction, followed by a handful of other states.  The federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allows for the reporting of convictions in a consumer report, regardless of a time period.  Having said that, the reporting of “other adverse item(s) of information” is limited to seven years in the FCRA, with the exception of certain bankruptcies.  See section 605(a) of the FCRA.

The bill, signed by Governor Bob Sandoval (R), went into effect June 9, 2015. See SB 409 for text of the legislation and note that it amends, in part, the consumer reporting chapter of Nevada Revised Statute section 598C.150(2).