In the judgment held on June 5, 2013, two Infringement Assessment Procedures regarding misleading information provided to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense - CADE were analyzed.

In the first case, the companies Azul and Trip were fined for not reporting, by the time the Concentration Act was submitted to CADE, a codeshare agreement signed between TAM and TRIP. Such agreement wasn't even submitted to the antitrust authorities.

The companies were ordered to pay a fine in the amount of R$ 3,500,000.00, for the mislead on the information provided.

In the second case, the companies Cruzeiro do Sul Educacional S.A. and ACEF S.A. were fined for providing false information when the transaction was submitted to the antitrust authorities.

Both companies were active in the segment of distance education, and reported false numbers to CADE regarding the amount of courses offered and students enrolled.

According to CADE, the lack of accuracy of the information provided caused serious harm to the competitive analysis of the case, the reason why companies were fined in the amount of R$ 200,000.00.