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Kinanis LLC is a Cyprus law firm offering legal and consulting services since 1983, evolving from a traditional law firm to an innovative cutting-edge multidisciplinary law firm combining exceptional expertise in law, tax and accounting. The firm has offices in Cyprus and Malta and a China desk and employs more than 80 lawyers, accountants and other professionals. From its establishment the Firm’s focus has been heavily business oriented and always abreast with the latest global developments and innovations. Drawing from our pool of experienced professionals we provide our clients’ businesses full legal and accounting support on an everyday basis as well as customized solutions in today’s global financial and legal challenges. We consider ourselves as ‘traditional pioneers’ and our motto is to foresee and anticipate any issues that may potentially impact our clients’ business and to offer effective advice and solutions proactively.

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  • Nicosia

    12 Egypt Street, Nicosia 1097, Cyprus
    Phone +357 225 58 888
    Fax +357 22 66 25 00

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