Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Legal | Assurance)

Gauci-Maistre Xynou is the brand under which our team of dedicated professionals offer bespoke legal, audit and assurance services.

Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Law Firm) is an established law firm in Malta with a team of advocates warranted to practise law in Malta or their respective jurisdictions and exclusively authorised to provide legal services under the Gauci-Maistre Xynou brand.

The law firms’ international desks allows us to offer unique tailor made legal services ensuring that an internationally holistic approach is adopted for every case.

Audit and assurance services under the Gauci-Maistre Xynou brand are offered by Gauci-Maistre Xynou (Assurance) consisting of a team of certified auditors and accountants, full committed to servicing clients operating locally and internally in broad ranging sectors.

Gauci-Maistre Xynou is well placed to serve its clients from all parts of the world in their respective industries. It has truly emerged as an efficient and reliable one stop shop. Solidifying its presence both locally as well as internationally, the firm comprises a team of professional, specialising in their respective fields, ready to provide tailor measures services to their various clients.

Ultimately, Gauci-Maistre Xynou’s top priority is its clients.

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