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29 May 2019

Grumpy Cat – legal lessons from the ultimate sourpuss

New York Times bestseller, A-list celebrity, coffee entrepreneur and meme legend Grumpy Cat sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago. Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) was the star of one of the first memes to ever take over the Internet and her owners went on to transform the cat’s ...   

24 April 2019

A single-use plastic sea change?

With Netflix’s recent release of Our Planet and last year’s Blue Planet II, the so-called Attenborough effect has pushed the global plastic pollution problem to the forefront of the public consciousness. With plastic consumption predicted to double in the United Kingdom over the next 20 years and an estimated 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste expected to make its way to landfill or into the natural environment by 2050, drastic measures are required.   

04 December 2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Developments in global drone legislation

Over the last five years the popularity of consumer drones has soared sky high; but as more people are buying drones and with the plethora of sizes and models available, the regulatory regime for penalising rogue drone pilots is still inconsistent and, in some jurisdictions, non-existent.   

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