Blog / Lexology GTDT: Practice Guides is now Lexology In-House View

04 January 2024

Since their inception, GTDT Practice Guides have investigated issues faced by businesses in a wide-ranging set of scenarios. To better reflect its purpose, we are excited to announce that GTDT Practice Guides are becoming Lexology In-House View. 

Why are GTDT Practice Guides rebranding? 

Reviewed by prominent in-house counsel editors, the guides provide accessible insights that align with the needs of in-house lawyers in corporations – an audience that makes up 60% of Lexology’s 800,000 plus subscribers globally. 

What is Lexology In-House View? 

Lexology In-House view is a thematic set of guides reviewed annually by prominent in-house counsel editors. All content continues to be available on Lexology, via the new In-House View section under Resources. 

The transition to Lexology In-House View has taken place and has been communicated to clients and subscribers.