Blog / Lexology Getting The Deal Through is now Lexology Panoramic

03 January 2024

Since its launch, Lexology Getting The Deal Through (GTDT) has established itself as the market-leading global comparative tool of laws and regulations. The intuitive tool now allows legal professionals to directly compare legal and regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions and create tailored reports in a matter of seconds.  

We are excited to announce that Lexology GTDT is changing its name to Lexology Panoramic. 

Why is Lexology GTDT rebranding? 
From its transactional and regulatory origins, Lexology GTDT now covers more than 120 work areas across 150 jurisdictions. Given this evolution and expansion, the product warranted a new name that better reflects its global and comprehensive coverage. 

What is Lexology Panoramic? 

A panoramic view of how laws and regulations vary across jurisdictions from the market-leading cross-jurisdictional comparison tool.  

The intuitive online research tool remains on Lexology, allowing Lexology’s global audience to directly compare the differences in legal systems between two or more jurisdictions in any one practice area or build a multi-topic report focused on a single jurisdiction. 

What else is changing? 

As part of the change to Lexology Panoramic, Lexology GTDT: Market Intelligence will become Lexology Panoramic Next – a series of personable Q&A interviews with opinion-leaders discussing what’s next in emerging areas of law. 

The transition to Lexology Panoramic has taken place and has been communicated to clients and subscribers.