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Planning a hedge fund launch? SEC registration thresholds for start-up managers

20/09/2012 A critical gating question for the founder of a new hedge fund manager is whether the firm will be required to register with the SEC as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Don’t get caught short by Rule 105: a refresher for hedge fund managers

27/08/2013 As the U.S. equity markets reach post-crisis heights, hedge fund managers with contrarian views have ample opportunity to express their conviction by…

The latest innovation in middle market lending: the unitranche facility

01/03/2012 “Unitranche loans” are the latest innovation in middle market lending.

The "second risk" that keeps loan participants up at night

19/03/2008 Owners of bank loan participations take on two kinds of credit risk: (i) the borrower’s failure to pay the underlying bank loan, and (ii) the loan participation grantor’s bankruptcy.

Single-Name Credit Default Swaps: A Primer

02/05/2016 The last few months have seen a revival in interest in single-name credit default swaps ("CDs") by hedge funds and other buy-side firms looking to…

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