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The benefits of using Guernsey companies

01/01/2015 Guernsey offers a pragmatic and responsive regime for the incorporation and day-to-day administration of companies. These features have made Guernsey…

Can a partnership at will be dissolved simply on notice?

14/08/2015 Imagine that your partnership is on the cusp of concluding a large transaction which has the potential to be immensely profitable. The partnership…

Emailing confidential information home: one for the employer

10/05/2011 In a recent UK case, an employee emailed large amounts of confidential information from her work email address to her private email account.

Working in Guernsey: an overview

08/01/2015 Guernsey is a separate legal jurisdiction from the UK. It has its own employment laws and, due to its size, controls are in place regulating who can…

Execution blocks: why you shouldn’t take shortcuts

10/06/2011 From time to time, cases come across our desks that make you feel very sorry for one of the parties involved, for there would never have been litigation had the parties taken ever so slightly more care, and not taken a shortcut on something fundamental.

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