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Supreme Court issues landmark ruling regarding claims for termination on discriminatory grounds

February 8 2017 The Supreme Court recently decided that bringing a claim against an employer for the unlawful termination of an employment contract pursuant to…

Recent labour law changes - an overview

October 23 2019 A number of significant changes to Polish labour law have been announced in recent months. This article examines these amendments in detail, including…

Commercial use of national symbols

August 1 2016 The commercial use of 'artistically processed' national symbols is allowed in Poland.

Summary of 2019 labour law amendments

January 15 2020 The year 2019 saw an abundance of labour law novelties, including amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure, the Act on Trade Unions and the Labour…

Audiovisual works and problems with copyright law

September 17 2018 The Copyright Law provides no legal definition of what constitutes an 'audiovisual work', which has resulted in problems regarding the remuneration of…

In review: criminal and regulatory enforcement against companies in Poland

August 2 2021 The need-to-know legal and practical points surrounding criminal and regulatory enforcement actions against companies in Poland, including corporate liability regimes, relevant penalties and key features of compliance programmes.

Spotlight: company conduct during criminal and regulatory investigations in Poland

August 2 2021 This article reviews the key legal and practical considerations for companies subject to criminal and regulatory investigations in Poland, including self-reporting, internal investigations and whistle-blowers.

In review: entering the employment relationship in Poland

March 18 2021 A review of some of the key considerations when entering an employment relationship in Poland, including issues surrounding contracts and probationary periods.

Spotlight: discontinuing employment in Poland

March 18 2021 A review of key considerations when discontinuing employment in Poland, including issues surrounding dismissals, redundancies and other types of termination.

Recent legislative changes: everything HR departments need to know

March 3 2021 Ongoing monitoring of the latest legislative changes is an essential part of HR departments' work. To help employers, this article highlights the most…