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Noise complaints in condos : the perils of failing to enforce condo rules

Canada - February 4 2013 Property managers and condominium corporations should take noise complaints seriously or risk facing serious financial consequences. In a recent case

Dealing with Wikipedia libel: why a ‘self-help’ remedy is often the best solution

Canada - June 19 2013 Wikipedia is a vast repository of knowledge and information that spans from the trivial to the practical, and includes everything in between. It

Who is responsible to repair and pay for flood damage in a condominium unit?

Canada - March 6 2012 We were recently asked to provide advice following a flood in a condominium unit

When police arrive at your condo

Canada - October 28 2010 There may be time in which condominium corporations will be approached by the police and the board will be called upon to assist in some manner

Bug infestations in condominiums

Canada - March 25 2013 Dealing with neighbors can be a frustrating aspect of condominium living - but what if your neighbors are tens of thousands of tiny bugs? A unit

Second-hand smoke in condominiums

Canada - February 3 2014 What are the responsibilities of a condominium corporation where second-hand smoke is emanating from one unit to another? Are there additional

The role of legitimate expectations in reviewing Crown Prerogative

Canada - January 29 2014 A couple of recent Federal Court cases highlight the different roles that the doctrine of legitimate expectations plays in judicial review depending

Special report on privacy & national security

Canada - January 28 2014 A special report entitled "Checks and Controls: Reinforcing Privacy Protection and Oversight of the Canadian Intelligence Community in an Era of

OSC proposes rule amendments regarding disclosure of women on boards and in senior management

Canada - January 28 2014 On January 16, 2014, the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) released proposed amendments to enhance the disclosure of boards' gender diversity. The

Another difficult condominium resident

Canada - January 28 2014 In a recent post, we blogged about an owner who had engaged in inappropriate and abusive behaviour. In another recently-reported case, Wentworth