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13 November 2019

Every month top law firm professionals host a Lexology webinar on a current trending topic or work area, which is then free to view for all of our current registered subscribers.

Lexology webinars help to position firms and presenters as recognised authorities on specific topics of their choice. A strong webinar will help ensure that a firm’s expertise is sought after and will increase business development opportunities as you can get in direct contact with them.


What happens if there’s a webinar of interest but can’t join due to other commitments?

Due to your own business commitments you may see a webinar of interest but be unable to attend due to time difference or a busy schedule. So did you know that all of our webinars go on demand 24 hours after they’re live?

Simply register for the webinar as normal and you will receive the webinar recording direct to your inbox after it has gone live.


Access on multiple devices

Not everyone wants to learn on a desktop or laptop; some may prefer to watch on the go or during their commute. Our on demand webinars can be watched on multiple devices, meaning that you decide how and when you catch up.

Benefits of our on demand service:

  • All of our webinars are available 24 hours after going live
  • Watch your favourite webinars when it suits you
  • Join the discussion – get in contact with the firm should you have more questions
  • Unlimited playback
  • Share with your wider team
  • Constant new videos being uploaded

 Keep up to date with all the latest webinar uploads on demand here.