Blog / Year in Review: Trade, GDPR and #MeToo webinar

20 December 2018

As 2018 comes to close, Lexology hosted our annual round up of legal content trends, hot topics and popular articles across the platform.  

Top articles

With over 86,000 articles published this year, the total Lexology archive is now a fraction under 800,000 pieces of insightful legal content.  This expansive archive spans all 50 work areas, and we cut through the data to find the top performing articles from 2018.  These articles covered contractual issues, corporate compliance and significant changes for in-house counsel to be aware of. The titles strike a balance between being informative and interesting and have performed really well with our subscribers.

Top topics

With over 32.8 million total reads, and 6.7 million from in-house counsel, we are able to see which topics have been popular throughout the year.  In the visualisation below we look at the most popualr topic tags from European content throughout the year.  Unsurprisingly, 'GDPR' take an extremely prominent position following it's implementation in May.  Surrounding the central GDPR tag, various supporting tags show the change of emphasis throughout the year, from 'personally identifiable information' and 'data privacy' and employment-related issues, to enforcement and 'Information Commissioner's Office'.

In the webinar, Editorial Services Director Jo Moore and Product and Innovation Director Alex Morrall discussed some key trends from the year, ranging from the sustained interest in articles about sexual harassment to the surge in cannabis-related content following its legalisation in Canada.  LegalTech, USMCA and trade, the gig economy and the rise of non-traditional trademarks were also covered.

To hear the full discussion and to learn more about what to watch for in 2019, watch the full webinar.  We also discuss some newly launched Lexology features, from the Lexology Content Marketing Awards to our Learn platform.