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Chancellor axes IR35 reforms: staffing company and end-user liability to be removed from April

United Kingdom - September 23 2022 The repeal of 2017 and 2021 reforms from April 2023 has been announced today by the UK government as part of The Growth Plan 2022 presented by the…

Kevin Barrow, Ian Hyde, Frances Lewis

Using agency staff to break strikes in the UK - rhetoric or reality?

United Kingdom - June 13 2022 It is unclear how serious the government is in its proposals to change the law around strikes and agency workers - or how interested major staffing…

Kevin Barrow, Frances Lewis, Olivia Sinfield

Mind the IR35 gap: corporate dealmakers need to get vigilant

United Kingdom - April 12 2022 HMRC's "soft landing" Enforcement Policy for the first year following the commencement of the private sector IR35 regime has now expired. In the…

Kevin Barrow, Frances Lewis

Will National Insurance increases spur the use of unlawful self-employment models?

United Kingdom - March 25 2022 Rishi Sunak announced, in his spring statement, that national insurance will rise for many from April - leading to increased costs for employers…

Kevin Barrow, Frances Lewis, Olivia Sinfield

Proposed EU directive may classify most gig workers and contractors as employees

European Union - January 24 2022 Many would agree that low-paid workers operating regularly via apps and digital labour platforms, and working under some degree of control should…

Kevin Barrow, Dr. Thomas Leister, Olivia Sinfield, Jorgo Tsiris, Thierry Viérin