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Australia’s new climate laws

Australia - September 9 2022 Australia is set for new climate legislation after Parliament passed the Climate Change Bill 2022 and the Climate Change (Consequential Amendments)…

Heidi Asten, Peter Briggs, Melanie Debenham, Harrison Jones, Kathryn Pacey, Timothy Stutt

Managing climate corporate activism and disruption in the mining sector

Australia - September 8 2022 As the commercial landscape responds to growing societal interest in ESG issues, resource companies must adapt to changing expectations on how to…

Heidi Asten, Maxine Byrne, Timothy Stutt, Jane Wang

Australian government mulls new measures to toughen Modern Slavery Act

Australia - August 31 2022 The new Labor government consults on a more muscular approach as landmark legislation undergoes first three-year review On 22 August 2022, the…

Antony Crockett, Timothy Stutt

Australian Government consults on three-year review of Modern Slavery Act 2018

Australia - August 24 2022 On 22 August 2022, the Australian Government released an issues paper on the effectiveness of the first three years of the Modern Slavery Act 2018…

Rukaiyah Abdullah, Antony Crockett, Timothy Stutt, Barry Wang, Jane Wang, Jacqueline Wootton

Reforming the Safeguard Mechanism

Australia - August 19 2022 Government has announced that it will review the operation of the Safeguard Mechanism with a view to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from…

Heidi Asten, Neena Aynsley, Nick Baker, Peter Briggs, Melanie Debenham, Jay Leary, Kathryn Pacey, Timothy Stutt