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Tanzania: Understanding the key changes made by the Finance Act of 2022

Tanzania - July 12 2022 This article will cover key legislative changes as a result of amendments made by the Finance Act No.5, 2022 (the Finance Act). These changes will…

Esther Kilimba

Tanzania National Budget bulletin for 2022/2023

Tanzania - June 30 2022 In line with the theme, the Government’s priority in the 2022/2023 financial year is the productive sectors, including energy, investment and trade…

Esther Kilimba, Tenda Msinjili

Amendments to Private Hire Services in Tanzania

Tanzania - January 21 2022 On 3 December 2021, the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (Private Hire Services) (Amendment) Regulations G.N. 795 of 2021 (the Amendment…

Esther Kilimba, Margareth Maganga, Aliko Simon

Tanzania year in review 2021

Tanzania - December 21 2021 As the year draws to a close, we provide a summary of sector-specific legislative changes that occurred in 2021. Companies Act Companies in Tanzania…

Esther Kilimba, Margareth Maganga, Tenda Msinjili, Aliko Simon

Update on the amendments to the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act in Tanzania

Tanzania - November 4 2021 The 2021 Written Laws¹ recently amended the Non-Citizens (Employment Regulation) Act of 2015 (the Act). In this article, we explore the key changes…

Esther Kilimba, Aliko Simon