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Land transport regulation in Tanzania: what you should know about LATRA

Tanzania - May 31 2021 In Tanzania, road and rail are the most common methods of transport for cargo and passengers. In this article, we discuss the Land Transport…

Amreen Ayub, Peter Kasanda

Bank of Tanzania: Restriction on issuance of electronic money licences

Tanzania - May 18 2021 In this article, we highlight the restriction imposed by the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) on the issuance of electronic money licences through Circular No…

Tenda Msinjili

Securing land as collateral in Tanzania

Tanzania - March 24 2021 All land in Tanzania is public land vested in the President as a trustee on behalf of the people. Tanzanian citizens occupy public land through a…

Oscar Mashaguri, Tenda Msinjili, Aliko Simon

Bank of Tanzania: Circular on ratios of cost to income and non-performing loans

Tanzania - February 4 2021 Following a new circular recently issued by the Bank of Tanzania, we look at the requirement for banks and financial institutions to adopt new…

Tenda Msinjili

The impact of COVID-19 on Tanzania's banking and financial services sector

Tanzania - October 19 2020 In this article, we assess the impact COVID-19 has had on the banking and financial services sector in Tanzania and what policy measures have been…

Peter Kasanda, Tenda Msinjili