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A refresher on requirements for service providers to the mining sector in Tanzania

Tanzania - October 13 2022 Mining companies are required to comply with the requirement to give priority to local companies according to the Act. A local company is defined as…

Peter Kasanda

Tanzania National Payment Systems Act amendments

Tanzania - September 20 2022 The Levy Regulations 2021 were subsequently amended so as to reduce the levy rates in response to heavy opposition from the general public. The…

Barbara Mawalla, Tenda Msinjili

The Tanzania Foreign Exchange Regulations 2022

Tanzania - May 26 2022 The Regulations govern, among other things, all matters relating to dealing in foreign currency and gold; current account transactions; and capital…

Tenda Msinjili

Performance Security Bonds in Tanzania

Tanzania - February 22 2022 A Performance Security Bond (Performance Bond) is a contract of guarantee in which one party (the Guarantor) promises to discharge the liability of a…

Tenda Msinjili

Bank of Tanzania: New outsourcing guidelines for banks and financial institutions in Tanzania

Tanzania - October 26 2021 In this month’s legal update, we provide an overview of the new Bank of Tanzania Outsourcing Guidelines for Banks and Financial Institutions, 2021…

Tenda Msinjili