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Ninth Circuit: Commercial Brand Names Can Be Expressive Speech

USA - November 30 2022 In Punchbowl, Inc. v. AJ Press, LLC, the Ninth Circuit affirmed a trademark win for upstart news outfit Punchbowl News. In doing so, the court held…

Joseph Grasser

Advertising, Media and Brands Newsletter Global Hot Topics for Advertising, Media and Consumer Brand Executives

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 15 2021 What a year 2020 was, with so much disruption across industries, including COVID-19, increased regulation, geopolitics, the surge to online, the…

Paul Anderson, Paolo Beconcini, Glenn A. Brown, Jonathan Chibafa, Carlton Daniel, Cameron S. E. Ford, Matthew Kirk, Ann J. LaFrance, Francesco Liberatore, Deborah M. Lodge, Marisol C. Mork, Caroline Noblet, David Prueter, Andrea Ward

What Was Old Is New Again In IP Litigation — Thanks To Suspected Russian State-Sponsored Hack

USA - January 8 2021 Top technology trends in the legal profession for 2021 are likely to include artificial intelligence, block chain and cryptocurrencies, autonomous…

David Prueter

Prying Eyes - Practical Steps for the Protection of Trade Secrets During the Pandemic

USA - May 7 2020 With no known vaccine and high infection rates, countries all over the world continue to take precautions to protect their citizens from Covid-19 by…

Ronald Lemieux, Theresa Rakocy

False Advertising Dangers Lurk in the Age of COVID-19 - Redux

USA - April 15 2020 As we previewed in our earlier post, the COVID-19 pandemic raises new and heightened false advertising concerns for companies seeking to capitalize…

Adam R. Fox, Eleanor Hagan