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Indonesia — Data Protection Law

Indonesia - October 16 2019 The Government is considering a definitive law on data protection (Draft Data Protection Law). The Draft Data Protection Law adopts many concepts…

Gabriela Dharmawan, Adhika Wiyoso

Indonesia - Replacement of GR 82

Indonesia - October 16 2019 A new draft government regulation on the implementation of electronic systems and transactions (Draft Government Regulation) is being considered…

Gabriela Dharmawan, Adhika Wiyoso

Insurance Regulatory Update

Indonesia - August 14 2019 We set out below several key insurance regulatory updates: The Financial Services Authority ("OJK") issues a regulation on fit and proper test…

Mita N. Djajadiredja, Abimata Putra

The OJK Issues Draft OJK Regulation on the Business Plans of Non-Bank Financial Institutions

Indonesia - November 30 2018 The Financial Services Authority (OJK) is currently preparing a new regulation on the business plans of non-bank financial institutions. The draft…

Mita N. Djajadiredja

BKPM and some sectoral ministries have issued regulations to conform with the OSS system

Indonesia - September 3 2018 In our previous update, we mentioned that Indonesian agencies (including the Capital Investment Coordinating Board ("BKPM")) need to issue technical…

Mita N. Djajadiredja, Cahyani Endahayu, Daniel Pardede