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Usufruct on rent payments: Dutch Supreme Court limits freedom of contract within property law

Netherlands - October 18 2022 A right of usufruct on a claim cannot be used to appropriate what is received through collection of that claim, as the Dutch Supreme Court ruled in…

Dutch Supreme Court decides against the pledgeability of non-transferable claims

Netherlands - July 21 2022 Lawyers occasionally wonder how the law ended up as it is. We had that experience after the Dutch Supreme Court’s decision of 1 July 2022…

Miranda van Eekelen - Atema

Bill to simplify Dutch law of evidence: concerns remain

Netherlands - August 25 2020 The Minister for Legal Protection recently submitted a legislative bill with the aim of simplifying Dutch law of evidence. The bill is intended to…

Simon Boersen

Stibbe lawyers call on legislator to put civil procedure reforms on hold

Netherlands - February 11 2020 In a publication in the Dutch Lawyers’ Journal (Nederlands Juristenblad) we call on the Dutch legislator to put on hold a series of recently proposed…

Simon Boersen

Van Stint tot Fipronil: een schadefonds voor gedupeerden van voortvarend overheidsingrijpen in crisissituaties

Netherlands - November 13 2019 Op donderdag 7 November 2019 was prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhoven te gast bij ons op kantoor voor het seminar “Van Stint tot Fipronil: een…

Tijn Kortmann