William Burrell

D Young & Co LLP

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Q4 | 2021

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Divisionals from a PCT (UK) patent application - beware the lurking compliance date!

United Kingdom - April 29 2022 In the context of an international PCT patent application, one of its primary benefits is that it essentially allows the cost of obtaining patent…

Challenging European patent matters before the EPO - options at a glance

European Union - April 14 2022 In the context of a European patent application which is processed by the European Patent Office (EPO), there are various mechanisms available to a…

UK and EU design protection - to Hague or not to Hague, that is the question!

European Union, United Kingdom - March 17 2022 Design specialist William Burrell compares design protection in the UK and EU via the UKIPO and EUIPO or via the Hague. Four key considerations are 1)…

Please, sir, I want some more…UK design registration - what to do when 12 views is not enough

United Kingdom - March 14 2022 In the context of obtaining registered design protection in the UK, this is often achieved through the use of the UK’s web-filing system, which…

Government consultation on possible reform to UK design law - have your say!

United Kingdom - January 12 2022 In what is very timely news, the UK Government has released a consultation on whether changes are required to the existing UK design law framework…