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English High Court issues warning shot to cartel damages Claimants who delay

United Kingdom - February 8 2022 The English High Court (“High Court”) has issued an important judgment in the claim that Gemalto group companies (“Gemalto”) brought against Infineon…

Peter D. Camesasca, Laurie-Anne Grelier

Reasonableness of Restraints of Trade: 'Non-Contractual' Intentions Are Relevant

United Kingdom - December 9 2021 In Harcus Sinclair LLP v Your Lawyers Ltd [2021] UKSC 32, the Supreme Court held that a six-year restraint of trade provision in a non-disclosure…

Christopher Walter, Alan Kenny, Sinead McLaughlin, Mark Welch

UK Consumer Class Actions: Door Open or Door Closed?

United Kingdom - December 6 2021 On 10 November 2021, the UK Supreme Court ruled in favour of Google in a landmark judgment against an attempt by a single claimant, Mr Richard Lloyd…

Fredericka Argent, Daniel P. Cooper, Rosie Klement, Greg Lascelles, Sinead McLaughlin, Lisa Peets, Mark Young

Emerging Trends in UK Competition Law Vlog Series - Part II: Enforcement and Litigation

United Kingdom - June 8 2021 Covington’s four-part video series offers snapshot briefings on key emerging trends in UK Competition Law. In part two, James Marshall and Sophie…

Sophie Albrighton, James Marshall

UK Competition Appeal Tribunal adds a hurdle to reliance on the pass-on defence

United Kingdom - May 26 2021 The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal (“CAT”) has made it more difficult for defendants in follow-on competition damages claims to plead that a claimant…

Alan Kenny, Sinead McLaughlin