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Barbri Global | United Kingdom, USA | 25 May 2022

Globalize your career for Latin American Lawyers


Osgoode Hall Law School | Global | 25 May 2022

Learn. Connect. Share. Osgoode’s Internationally Trained Lawyers Day

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Gatekeeper | Global | 20 May 2022

The False Promise of LegalTech

For in-house legal teams, the expectations placed on them with regards to managing their business's contracts can be unfairly large. Responsibilities…
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Wolters Kluwer Legal Software | Belgium, European Union, Global, etc. | 20 May 2022

Belgium: Whitepaper | Legal operations wordt uw rechterhand

Dat is de vraag die ten grondslag ligt aan de enorme toename van het belang van legal operations in bedrijven over de hele wereld. Legal operations…
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Wolters Kluwer Asia-Pacific | Asia-Pacific | 18 May 2022

Achieve great outcomes with a phased approach to matter management

Managing legal matters from beginning to end is a complex business. Even straightforward matters require effective, efficient handling with…
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Lexology PRO | Canada, European Union, Global, etc. | 18 May 2022

Why the in-house counsel and compliance officer should NOT be the same person

Susan Du Becker, director of risk and compliance at Microsoft, explains why she is “vehemently against” having one person hold both the in-house counsel and chief compliance officer roles, calling it a “conflict of interest” with regard to ethics and risk.Interview conducted by Samantha Gilbert, Senior Content Editor for Lexology PRO. The views expressed in this video are purely those of the......
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ContractWorks | Global, United Kingdom, USA | 17 May 2022

The 2022 In-house Legal Tech Report

The relationship between in-house legal teams and technology is changing. While corporate legal departments are still trying to shake the reputation…
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Barbri Global | Brazil, Denmark, Faroe Islands, etc. | 12 May 2022

Lawyers Across the World May Qualify in England without the SQE2 Exam

Becoming a qualified solicitor in England and Wales is a great way to globalize your international legal practice. Now, the Solicitors Regulation…
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