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CobbleStone Software | Global | 28 Jul 2023

Contract Management Masterclass


Lexology | European Union, United Kingdom | 27 Jun 2023

Lexology Live: European Counsel Summit 2023


Moulis Legal | Asia-Pacific, Australia, Global | 8 Jun 2023

Legal considerations for Australian businesses expanding to global markets


JunHe LLP | Asia-Pacific, China | 7 Jun 2023

Webinar: Cross-border transfer of employee data

Press release

Lee & Ko | South Korea | 31 May 2023

[Newsis] Large and Medium Enterprises Unite as One Team... MSS Hosts ‘Promotion Conference for Interlocking System for Cost of Goods Delivered’

On May 31, 2023, a comment from Lee & Ko’s attorney and executive managing director Sang Gon Kim was reported in Newsis. At the ‘Promotion Conference…
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ContractPodAi | United Kingdom | 31 May 2023

The Dangers of Mis-Managed Contracts

When companies consider digital contract management solutions, the biggest question is usually, "What's the ROI?" It's a sensible question. Those who…
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ContractPodAi | United Kingdom | 31 May 2023

Legal Intake: Revolutionizing the Journey of a Legal Request

Historically legal teams have had to manage legal requests through email reminders, spreadsheets, and phone calls and keep track of the…
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Ichor Strategies | Global | 31 May 2023

How Legal Departments Can Bring More Value to the C-Suite

It's no surprise that in-house counsel is often labeled as "Doctor No" for leading with risk mitigation as they advise their growing companies. Going…
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