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Ask Lexy

Ogier | Cayman Islands | 21 Mar 2023

The role of enforcer - Cayman Islands STAR Trusts

A key feature of a Cayman Islands STAR trust is that it separates the beneficial rights from the enforcement rights. In a non-STAR trust context, a…
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Boyes Turner LLP | United Kingdom | 20 Mar 2023

Disappointed beneficiary - what can I do?

It is not uncommon, particularly if a client is in poor health or advanced old age, for a solicitor to have failed to arrange for a proposed updated…
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Wolters Kluwer Asia-Pacific | Australia | 23 Sep 2022

Beneficiary not presently entitled to trust income

The Federal Court has upheld an assessment issued to the trustee of a trust after a beneficiary was deemed not to have been presently entitled to…

Mourant | Guernsey | 6 Jul 2022

Mourant Vlog Series: Seeking greater transparency for beneficiaries in relation to trustees deliberations

In our latest vlog Jeremy Wessels covers the importance for beneficiaries to seek administration information from a trustee. He also discusses the…
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Afridi & Angell | Canada | 9 Dec 2021

International Estate Administration for Canadian Executors

The administration of an estate can be a complex and intimidating process at the best of times. If the estate in question has international…
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Wilson Harle | New Zealand | 19 Oct 2021

Must trustees disclose legal advice to beneficiaries? NZ Supreme Court provides an answer

The provision of information, including legal advice, was recently considered by the Supreme Court. The appeal to the Supreme Court was heard before the Trusts Act came into full effect. Nevertheless, the Court made observations on the position under the new legislation. Trustees in receipt of a request for information by a beneficiary should consider the documents sought and the......
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Walkers | Jersey, United Kingdom | 12 Oct 2021

Definitions of “benefit” - Jersey’s royal court offers useful guidance on trusts and non-financial benefits

The Royal Court of Jersey has recently provided helpful guidance in relation to what it means to provide a beneficiary with a “benefit”. Click to…
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Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP | United Kingdom | 12 Oct 2021

Vale SA v Steinmetz: English court held that an arbitral decision cannot be relied upon in proceedings between non-parties

In a recent English judgment, Vale SA and others v Steinmetz and others [2021] EWCA Civ 1987, which concerned the effect that an arbitral award had…
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Vasil Kisil & Partners | Ukraine | 11 Oct 2021

Ultimate beneficiary owners' disclosure: slow rush!

Since July 2021 there is a lot of fuss around the UBO disclosure. The Law of Ukraine "On Preventing and Counteracting to Legalization (Laundering) of…
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Kingsley Napley | United Kingdom | 30 Sep 2021

Bankrupt Beneficiaries and risks for personal representatives

While testators generally have freedom to decide how to dispose of their assets in England and Wales, there are limits to this freedom, including…
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