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Bross & Partners | Vietnam | 25 Apr 2023

10 Key Changes in the Vietnam IP Law of 2022 and Our Comment on Their Impact on the Business Environment and Innovation Activities in Vietnam

Protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property (IP) rights is an obligation of all WTO members, including Vietnam because IP rights included in…
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De Penning & De Penning | India | 30 Mar 2023

Routes to patent method of treatment/diagnostic claims in India

The patentability of methods of treatment and diagnosis is a contentious issue worldwide. Article 27 of the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual…

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP | USA | 28 Feb 2023

The View from Geneva: A TRIPS Waiver Update

In this Episode of OnAir: Health Care, senior policy advisor Matthew Hittle and consultant Dr. Mario Ramirez welcome Geneva seni…
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Ropes & Gray LLP | USA | 6 Feb 2023

U.S. International Trade Commission to Investigate COVID-19 Diagnostics and Therapeutics Market and Potential TRIPS Waiver; Public Hearing in March 2023

In June 2022, World Trade Organization (WTO) members approved a waiver of certain Intellectual Property (IP) protections under the Agreement on…
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Lee and Li Attorneys at Law | Taiwan | 9 Jan 2023

Can delivery of a product constitute patent infringement?

🕑 3 minutes Article 58(2) of the Patent Act defines the term "exploiting" as "the acts of manufacturing, offering for sale, selling, using the products, or importing the products for the aforementioned purposes". In a civil judgment rendered by the Intellectual Property and Commercial Court, the Court considered that delivering a product is part of the process of selling it, and thus may......
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Bross & Partners | Vietnam | 29 Dec 2022

10 thay đổi chính yếu của Luật SHTT sửa đổi năm 2022 và bình luận về tác động của chúng đối với môi trường kinh doanh và hoạt động đổi mới sáng tạo ở Việt Nam

Bảo hộ và thực thi quyền sở hữu trí tuệ (SHTT) là nghĩa vụ của tất cả thành viên WTO trong đó có Việt Nam vì quyền SHTT được ghi nhận ở Hiệp định…
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Bardehle Pagenberg | European Union | 13 Dec 2022

Facilitating exchange of information between parties in business launch centers: non-technical

This decision relates to a European patent application concerning a method and a system for facilitating exchange of information between parties in…
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Bross & Partners | India | 12 Dec 2022

Chủ bằng độc quyền sáng chế thất bại với nỗ lực ngăn chặn cấp li-xăng cưỡng bức nhằm sản xuất thuốc generic ở Ấn Độ

Ấn Độ có nhiều kinh nghiệm thực tiễn liên quan đến vận dụng linh hoạt Điều 31 Hiệp định TRIPs trong việc giải quyết tranh chấp liên…
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LexOrbis | India, South Korea | 10 Nov 2022

Intellectual property rights protection in India

India has emerged as a preferred choice of foreign direct investment (FDI) and is likely to become a top destination for inflow in coming years, as…
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Rajah & Tann Asia | Singapore | 31 Oct 2022

Enhanced IP border enforcement measures to come into effect on 21 November 2022

The Ministry of Law has announced that enhanced border enforcement measures relating to certain intellectual property rights will come into force on…
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