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LGV Avvocati | Italy | 7 Feb 2020

Is there criminal protection for sui generis databases? The recent opinion of the Italian Supreme Court.

With judgment no. 6734, published on February 12, 2019, the Italian Supreme Criminal Court ruled on the requirements for criminal protection for


LGV Avvocati | Italy | 3 Feb 2020

C’e’ tutela penale per le banche di dati sui generis? La recente opinione della Corte di cassazione.

Con la sentenza n. 6734, pubblicata in data 12 febbraio 2019, la Corte di Cassazione penale si è pronunciata in merito ai requisiti per la tutela


Littler Mendelson PC | Italy | 22 Jan 2020

Littler Global Guide - Italy - Q4 2019

On October 15, 2019, the Italian Supreme Court clarified Article 10 of Law No. 68 of 1999, which protects disabled individuals from dismissal at the


DLA Piper | Italy | 20 Dec 2019

VAT - Monthly Alert - NovemberDecember 2019: Country specific - Italy

A Supreme Court decision and several rulings from the Italian Revenue Agency provide further guidance on VAT in Italy: Italian Supreme Court


DLA Piper | European Union, Italy | 20 Sep 2019

Milan Fashion Week and Fashion Law Trends - Fashion and Parody: a trendy combo?

Is it lawful to commercialize clothing items that represent a parody of well-known fashion trademarks or does it amount to a trademark infringement


De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani Studio Legale | European Union, Italy | 6 Aug 2019

La Corte Costituzionale chiede lumi alla Corte di Giustizia sulle sanzioni amministrative di natura “punitiva”

Nel marzo 2019, la Corte Costituzionale si è pronunciata nel giudizio incidentale di legittimità costituzionale dell'articolo


Grieco e Associati | Italy | 5 Aug 2019

Directors' revocation and change of company control

In a recent decision, the Supreme Court of Cassation stated that the revocation of members of a controlled company's Board of Directors due to the


Paul Hastings LLP | Italy | 24 Jul 2019

Italian Criminal Court of Cassation Issues Important Decision on IBLOR Fronting Structures

Under Legislative Decree No. 3851993 (the "Banking Act"), the activity of granting of loans to the public, in any form whatsoever, can be carried out


Mauro Rubino-Sammartano | Italy | 12 May 2019

Clear (or at least misleading) statutory provisions and hard court rulings : caveant cives !

The Italian Court of Cassation has rejected, on February 2019, in Conserve Italia v. Sirec Engineering1 an application by a party to be authorised to


Littler Mendelson PC | Italy | 15 Apr 2019

Littler Global Guide - Italy - Q1 2019

The Budget Law, in force since January 1, 2019, introduced the possibility for pregnant employees to work - in the event of documented good health -

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