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Fieldfisher LLP (Ireland) | Ireland | 5 Sep 2019

Show me the documents! Court considers whether the disclosure of documents is necessary to dispose of an action fairly

The High Court recently provided further clarification as to whether a lender is required to produce documents, in particular loan sale documents, in…

Arthur Cox LLP | United Kingdom | 19 Mar 2019

Enforcement of Post-Termination Restrictive Covenants at Injunction Stage is a Balancing Act

There is a clear distinction between the enforceability of restrictive covenants during the life of the employment relationship and after its…

Mason Hayes & Curran LLP | Ireland | 6 Mar 2019

Debt Recovery Update: Well-drafted Demand Letters the Key to Success in Recovery Proceedings

Demand letters are a well-established precondition to most debt-recovery proceedings, especially when the creditor is a lender seeking to recover on…

Dillon Eustace | Ireland | 21 Feb 2019

Bank’s legal entitlements when interest noted on an insurance policy

Does a bank have any legal entitlements where its interest is noted on an insurance policy? The High Court in Allied Irish Banks PLC v Connors [2018]…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland, United Kingdom | 12 Feb 2019

Lecturer with ‘non-PC’ views not protected by UK employment equality legislation

A UK Employment Tribunal has found that those who express `non-PC' views in the workplace cannot expect to claim a right to those beliefs in an…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland | 19 Dec 2018

Can a director or member of a company represent the company in court?

Unlike natural persons, who can represent themselves as litigants in person, directors or members of a company who are not qualified lawyers do not…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland, United Kingdom | 19 Dec 2018

The Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2017 (the “Bill”) has been passed by the Houses of the Oireachtas

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, Regina Doherty, TD, has confirmed that the Bill will come into force from the first week…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland | 23 Nov 2018

The Right to Legal Representation in a Disciplinary Inquiry - The Exception, Not the Rule?

The decision of Eagar J in Lyons v Longford Westmeath Education and Training Board was seen as a dramatic development in some quarters by confirming…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland | 20 Nov 2018

Central Bank Identifies Key Focus Areas For Next Three Years

The Central Bank of Ireland's Strategic Plan 2019-2021 sets out five key themes for the next three years, and highlights Brexit, and implementing a…

Arthur Cox LLP | Ireland | 19 Nov 2018

Mortgage Arrears: Central Bank Reports that Code of Conduct is “working effectively and as intended”

The Central Bank has published its Report on the Effectiveness of the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears in the context of the Sale of Loans by…
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