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Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | Brazil, China, European Union, etc. | 5 May 2021

Data protection: Key compliance updates (26 Apr – 5 May)

New cybersecurity guidance from the US DoL, a look at the EU’s proposed AI regulation, and how to manage privacy in the age of COVID-19 vaccine passports.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union | 30 Apr 2021

EU charges Apple with App Store abuse

The European Commission has accused Apple of abusing its dominance in the App Store distribution market, nearly two years after Spotify filed a complaint with the agency.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Asia-Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Russia | 28 Apr 2021

Russia fines Apple €10 million for app store abuse

Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service has fined Apple for favouring its own applications on its iOS operating system over rivals, eight months after the enforcer found that the company abused its dominance.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | USA | 28 Apr 2021

Google sued over contact-tracing programme

Two Californians have initiated a class action lawsuit against Google, accusing the company of building a covid-19 contact-tracing system that leaves consumer data publicly exposed.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | Australia, Global | 28 Apr 2021

ACCC puts Apple and Google on notice over app marketplace dominance

Australia’s competition watchdog has found that Apple and Google are dominant distributors of mobile apps and recommended that they provide consumers with greater choice to change pre-installed apps and allow developers to offer alternative payment options.
Analysis PRO In-house

Lexology PRO | European Union, France, Germany | 26 Apr 2021

Apple faces second antitrust complaint over privacy update

A group of media and advertising associations has complained to Germany’s competition enforcer that Apple is breaching antitrust rules by giving iOS users the choice to opt-out of third-party personalised advertising.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | India | 25 Mar 2021

WhatsApp’s privacy policy under fire in India

India’s competition watchdog has launched a full abuse of dominance investigation into Facebook-owned WhatsApp over its updated terms of service and privacy policy, which force users to consent to the sharing of their data across the company’s wider ecosystem.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | Australia, Global, United Kingdom, etc. | 23 Mar 2021

Apple pushes to pause Australian fight against Epic Games

Apple has urged an Australian court to stay Epic Games’ allegations that it illegally maintains its monopoly over the distribution of apps and in-app payment on its mobile platform while nearly identical claims play out in US court.
Analysis PRO

Lexology PRO | European Union, Global, United Kingdom, etc. | 22 Mar 2021

Data protection: Key compliance updates (15 – 22 Mar)

A look at the fallout of the major Microsoft Exchange data breach, draft UK and US consumer privacy regulations, and an in-house checklist for drafting privacy notices.
Analysis PRO In-house

PRO Compliance | European Union, France | 17 Mar 2021

Apple fights off interim measures request in France

Apple has successfully defeated an application asking France’s Competition Authority to temporarily suspend proposed changes to the company’s privacy policy, after the agency ruled that the planned amendments do not appear to infringe abuse of dominance rules.
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