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Littler Mendelson PC | USA | 2 Aug 2019

WPI State of the States: Legislative Action Heats up in July

Although most state legislatures have adjourned for 2019 or are in recess, those still in active session finalized several new employment laws in…

Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers | Canada | 6 Mar 2019

Types of Disability Insurances in Ontario

Disability insurance is a form of income protection that keeps money coming in even though you cannot work due to an injury or illness. It could be…

Clyde & Co LLP | United Kingdom | 1 Mar 2019

Friends Life v Miley: Court of Appeal Considers Misrepresentation in an Income Protection Policy

The claimant sought to claim payment from the defendant insurers under an income protection policy. The insurers alleged that the claimant was faking…

Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP | USA | 21 Feb 2019

Recent Amendments to New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Laws: What Employers Need To Know

On February 19, 2019, Governor Murphy signed into law A-3975, a sweeping piece of legislation that expands New Jersey’s paid family leave laws. For…

Blaney McMurtry LLP | Canada | 4 Feb 2019

LTD Case Law Update - Winter 2019

As set out in chapter 12 of Disability Insurance Law in Canada (Second Edition) 4 cases have held that a trial judge cannot make an award for a…

BDB Pitmans LLP | United Kingdom | 21 Jan 2019

Employees should not be dismissed for incapacity whilst they are contractually entitled to long-term disability benefits

The recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) decision in Awan v ICTS UK Ltd confirms that an employer should not dismiss an employee for incapacity…

Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers | Canada | 10 Jan 2019

Understanding the Long-Term Disability Process how does it work?

Long term disability insurance is often offered by employers as a benefit to retain, engage and support their employees. Therefore, LTD insurance is a…

Birketts LLP | United Kingdom | 18 Dec 2018

Employment Law Update - Disability discrimination: long-term disability benefits

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) has ruled on whether an individual was fairly dismissed while entitled to long-term disability benefits. Awan v…

Grillo Law Personal Injury Lawyers | Canada | 10 Dec 2018

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Term Disability

Extended health care plans normally consist of short-term disability and long-term disability benefits. When an individual sustains an injury or…

Herrington Carmichael LLP | United Kingdom | 5 Dec 2018

Employment Law Monthly Update - December 2018

Dismissing individuals with long term disability benefits In the recent Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) case of Awan v ICTS, the EAT considered…
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