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Grau & Angulo | Spain | 8 Aug 2022

Supreme Court confirms compensation of €561,240.37 for using competitor's trademark as AdWord

The Supreme Court recently confirmed a judgment of the Madrid Court of Appeal, which upheld a trademark infringement action. The case concerned the use of the trademark CLÍNICAS ORTODONCIS, owned by the plaintiff, as a Google AdWords keyword. It was questioned whether the use of the trademark name as a keyword to offer competing services through advertising via the AdWords service should be......
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PRO Compliance | France | 20 Dec 2019

Google abused ad dominance in France

France’s Competition Authority has fined Google €150 million for abusing its dominance in the online search advertising market.
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TozziniFreire Advogados | Brazil | 31 Oct 2017

ICMS-comunicação - TIT decide pela não incidência sobre o “Google AdWords”

A 4ª Câmara Julgadora do Tribunal de Impostos e Taxas (TIT) decidiu recentemente pela não incidência de ICMS-Comunicação sobre os serviços de…
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Bird & Bird LLP | United Kingdom | 6 Apr 2017

Trade marks infringement and passing off: consent to use and targeting

The High Court has rejected trade mark infringement and passing off claims in relation to the domain in conjunction with Google AdSense…
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Thompson Coburn LLP | Canada, USA | 22 Mar 2017

Keyword ads — Only infringing if they’re confusing

Neighbors can be helpful. Our Canadian neighbors may have just helped U.S. trademark owners who wonder about the legality of use of their trademarks…
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Michelmores LLP | United Kingdom | 17 Mar 2017

Google AdSense issue considered by the High Court for the first time

The High Court has considered trade mark infringement/passing off in the context of Google AdSense for the first time. Google AdSense offers website…
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Shoosmiths LLP | European Union, United Kingdom | 16 Mar 2017

Are trade marks fair game for use as Google AdWords?

This article looks at the rise of online advertising amongst brand owners and the impact on Google AdWords. Expenditure on internet advertising in…
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Bristows | European Union, United Kingdom | 8 Mar 2017

Collusion in the online economy - new competition law traps for the unwary?

We reported last year on the Eturas decision, in which the Court of Justice ruled that technical measures applied on an online platform gave rise to a…
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Cuatrecasas | European Union, Spain | 8 Mar 2017

¿Es posible usar la marca de un competidor como keyword en Adwords?

La entidad Citylift S.A. (Citylift) contrató un servicio remunerado de referenciación en Google, denominado AdWords, en el que incluyó como palabra…
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Novagraaf | European Union | 29 Nov 2016

Putting Google Adwords back on the trademark agenda?

The recent judgement in Victoria Plum Limited v Victorian Plumbing Ltd has once again raised the use of trademarks in keyword advertising. But, has it…
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